e-Learning/Educational Research

Utilizing agile development techniques, we create optimal interfaces.
We have won several awards for developing educational materials both internationally and domestically. We are able to assist with creating educational technology research projects using funds from a grant budget, as well as develop school or company e-learning materials.
In addition to usability, our polished interfaces which streamline the learning process, stand above the rest.

Just because an interface is easy to use, does not promise lasting results.
In order to promote long-term use, there must be something about the system that captivates the user. By implementing games (using the design, techniques, and mechanics of the education materials) or other communication tools, the motivation to continue long-term is increased and a positive experience is promoted for users.

We are also working hard to develop education interfaces specifically for smartphones and tablets.
As many users keep devices on them at all times, using mail or notification functions helps to enforce learning capabilities. Additionally, interfaces can be used during a train commute to work or school, or any other “small break” in their schedule. This helps to promote long-term usages.

e-Learning is not only for students, it can also be used for managers as well.
We also handle Learning Management Systems (LMS) to monitor learning progress and manage available learning materials based on past achievements and know how.