Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy Spiceworks Co., Ltd contributes to society by providing information services.
This policy is a basic principle of our business operations. We developed it with the aim of keeping the risk of any occupational health or safety detriments as low as possible, managing safety and health practices during business activities, and creating a workplace that we can be proud of.

1. We shall obey all occupational health and safety laws and company regulations, so we can achieve a high level of compliance.

2. We constantly perform risk assessment to clarify any potential occupational hazards and work to create a comfortable working environment.

3. We promote this health and safety policy to maintain employee health standards in order to prevent physical or mental ailments due to overwork.

4. We plan for open communication with all employees and hold health and safety activities with total employee participation.

5. We strive to be a work environment that promotes occupation health and safety awareness through employee education and company information distribution activities.

6. We aim to achieve constant improvement in health and safety standards through the implementation of appropriate occupational health and safety management systems.

April 18, 2016
Spiceworks Co., Ltd
CEO Seiji Sekine