Client voices Over 10 year Relationships with Clients Why our customers have trusted us their website operator for ten years. Client voices Over 10 year Relationships with Clients Why our customers have trusted us their website operator for ten years.

Why our customers have trusted us as their website operator for over ten years.

Spiceworks Co., Ltd plans and designs websites and mobile sites to assist with company branding or the promotion of products and services. We also develop various interfaces such as content for e-Learning.
Ever since we started our business in 2000 mainly dealing with design, we constantly expanded our service portfolio to include system development and consulting, and now we have many loyal long-term customers who trust us as their creative partner.

  • NHK Educational Corporation NHK Educational Corporation
  • NHK Educational Corporation

    Mr. Junichi Oofusa / Spiceworks customer for 25 years

    I guess this was around 2000, as it was when digital Hollywood was located in Qfront in Shibuya, when I first met Mr. Sekine. He appeared in our information education program when it covered web design.
    Websites for educational projects have to be developed and operated from an educational viewpoint, not just with PV in mind. Spiceworks is trusted by various educational institutions because they develop websites that not only look great but generate communication.
    We look forward to the continuation of our relationship. We hope they will actively use the latest technology in their web design practices.

    25 YEARS
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    25 YEARS
  • Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd.
  • Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd.

    Ms. Yuka Wada / Spiceworks customer for 20 years

    Our first project with Spiceworks was in 2004, when we created our special website. We chose them because of their sophisticated design skill.
    We’ve been their customer since then. We trust them in many ways; we trust their idea, design, skills, and above all, their “people”.
    When starting a new project, problems always occur, but they never give up until we reach our goal as a team. Also we have such a comfortable relationship and trust in each other, so we can exchange our honest opinions, which is essential in driving a project toward success.
    We hope they will continue to be our partner who can create something new with us!

    20 YEARS
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    20 YEARS
  • College of Business, Rikkyo University College of Business, Rikkyo University
  • College of Business, Rikkyo University

    Professor (Human Resource Development / Organizational Development)
    Mr. Jun Nakahara / Spiceworks customer for 19 years

    I have worked with Spiceworks on so many projects that I cannot remember what our “first project” was.
    I feel I am blessed with a great partner who is committed to creating something new with the client, hears the client well, and provides stable technical support and follow-ups. I think the high service standard derives from the solid philosophy of the company, or Mr. Sekine as a president of the company, about their “people”. As a professor who specializes in human resource development, I feel comfortable with them in that respect.
    I will start up more new projects. Current research projects will fail without public relations and outreach efforts.
    I hope Spiceworks will continue to be my great partner.

    19 YEARS
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    19 YEARS
  • Miki Shoko Co., Ltd. (Miki House) Miki Shoko Co., Ltd. (Miki House)
  • Miki Shoko Co., Ltd. (Miki House)

    Manager, Sales Promotion Department
    Ms. Kazuko Kousaka / Spiceworks customer for 18 years

    Back in 2006, I was making calls to every company on the Web Designing Year Book that looked nice, and Spiceworks’ response over the phone was exceptionally nice. So I immediately went to Tokyo from Osaka to visit them. I remember the time when I first met Mr. Sekine; I went up to the second floor above a ramen restaurant (?), and he was there, welcoming me into the office which was getting ready for a move next morning. We decided to hire them because of the honest personality of Mr. Sekine, design skills of the staff, and picturesque style of their website. These capabilities are still in effect. They work meticulously and always exceed our expectations in every project we order. We trust them very much because of their sincere attitude toward their work.
    I hope they will continue to be a web developer who has a spicy presence in the industry demonstrating a superior designing and structuring abilities.

    18 YEARS
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    18 YEARS
  • POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Ltd. POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Ltd.
  • POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Ltd.

    Corporate Strategy Department, Corporate Strategy Division
    Manager, Communication Group
    Mr. Osamu Kariya / Spiceworks customer for 16 years

    They understand our intent and handle all processes from project proposal to design creation very quickly.
    They always make good suggestions on website structure for effectively enhancing our brand appeal while making it easy for customers to look around and understand the contents.

    16 YEARS
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    16 YEARS
  • Nestle Japan Nestle Japan
  • Nestle Japan

    Marketing & Communications Division
    Manager, Digital Marketing Department
    Mr. Makoto Udeshi / Spiceworks customer for 14 years

    Nestle Amuse includes variety of contents such as short films, recipes, talk shows, games, and campaigns.
    When there are many contents in a website, certain aspect of the website needs to be unified while each content maintaining their own design. Therefore we were looking for a business partner who can provide a comprehensive support for our website development. As the trend of website development is constantly changing whether it be usability or mobile shift, and as we have to utilize the result of any measures as a stepping stone to further development, we occasionally meet face to face to perform a periodical review together to enable a continuous learning cycle. And Spiceworks provides us with new suggestions that reflect such learnings. I feel this way we are well supported by them.
    As I think persistence leads to “a strength based on accumulated learning and knowhow,” I expect them to be even more active in providing suggestions and support to us.

    14 YEARS
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    14 YEARS